1. Ensure the headphones are powered off then put the headphones into pairing mode by pressing and holding the multi-function button for 6 seconds. You should see blue and red LED lights blinking alternatingly near the multi-function button.

  2. Right click the Bluetooth tray icon then select "Add a Device" from the context menu.

  3. Locate the BTH220 from the devices list and click the "Next" button.

  4. After your computer has loaded the device and the drivers for the headphones, you should see that the device has successfully connected. Continue by clicking "Close" on the Add a device window and closing the second information window. If you are receiving errors during this process, please click here.

  5. Right click the Volume control tray icon then select "Playback devices" from the context menu.

  6. Select the Headphones (Bluetooth Hands-free Audio by left clicking the device then click "Set Default".

  7. Hit "OK" to close the window. The Kinivo BTH220 headphones should now play audio from your computer. Enjoy!

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