Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find the product manuals, drivers, and documentation?

    Product manuals, drivers, and other documentation are available on individual product pages for each product. Choose your product's category from the main page, then select your product from the list of products in that category to see the available downloads.
  2. What is the warranty for my product?

    KINIVO provides a two-year Limited Hardware Warranty for most products. More specific warranty information for each product is available int he Warranty section of the product manual.
  3. Where can I replace / repair my product or its part?

    Many issues can be resolved through troubleshooting, and guides for many issues are available on this support site. If you aren't able to find an answer here, contact our support team using the information at the bottom of every page for additional troubleshooting and replacements.
  4. How can I contact KINIVO customer care?

    Please write to
  5. Who can I contact for technical queries?

    Please write to
  6. Where can I find specifications for my product?

    Detailed specifications for each product are available in their respective manuals, available in their downloads.
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