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Issues with Bluetooth drivers on the Windows 10 October 2020 Update 


The Windows 10 October 2020 update has a major issue with installing the Bluetooth drivers for the BTD-400.  Windows 10 will report that the driver is not available.  Before the recent Windows 10 update the installation of the BTD-400 was plug and play.  Now, installing drivers is necessary in order to use the BTD-400.

There is a work-around for this issue until Microsoft fixes this Bluetooth driver issue on Windows 10:

1. Download the Windows 10 drivers from our support site here. Extract the files to your desktop and then run setup.exe. Be sure that the BTD-400 is plugged into your computer.
2. The Bluetooth drivers will install.  Afterwards, you’ll need to uninstall a Bluetooth software package that is no longer compatible with Windows 10.
3. Go to the Control Panel, then Programs and Features.  Uninstall the WIDCOMM Bluetooth software.  You’ll be prompted to restart your computer.

You should now be able to pair Bluetooth devices with the BTD-400 on Windows 10.

Note:  Your recent update can be known as the 20H2 or v2009 update.




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